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Replacement Bearings For My Hayward Super Pump II


Joe B

I have searched in vain for weeks on the internet for replacement
bearings for my hayward super pump II, SP3020EEAZ, A O Smith motor
frame 56J 2HP motor. I will gladly buy them from you if you have them
in stock

P.S. I think it is a conspiracy by larger pool part suppliers to
force you to buy a new motor instead.


Hi Joe,

Nice name, Mine is the same, Joseph, Its nice to meet you and thanks for contacting me, 😉

Yes, we rebuild those all the time, ( the super pump 11 )

Hayward Super Pump Repair Kit

You can just get the Wethead Pump Repair Kit shown above for your pump, and you’ll have both of the bearings and the seal for your pump sent to you. We make it easy for you!

And, I think you maybe correct, the “big boys” are all about selling new, Not me, I have been rebuilding these pumps since I was 16, I am now 37 !

I would also suggest replacing the mechanical seal 😉

Which is why we sell these parts in kits.

If you need any help at all email me back,



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