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Hayward EC40 Perflex Diatamatious Earth Filter

Hayward EC40 Perflex Pool Filter

Hayward has been serving residential swimming pool owners with everything they need for over 80 years. They are widely known for their pumps but they have a premier line of filters. One of the top rated filters is the Hayward EC40 Perflex Above Ground Diatamatious Earth Filter. This D.E filter was built to clean your above ground pool fast and easy. With Haywards patented Flex Tube design, the filter will cycle longer between when you have to clean it our. The reason is that the D.E powder is being used repeatedly.

A great feature of the Perflex is that it can clean without back-washing and this will end up saving you gallons and gallons of treated swimming pool water. You can spend more time swimming and less time cleaning. What the Hayward EC40 Perflex Above Ground Diatamatious Earth Filter does is called Bumping, this is the process of repositioning the dirt inside the filter so the water flow is not interrupted. You will see the Bumping handle on the top of the filter. You will only find this feature on the Perflex series of filters.

The Hayward EC40 Perflex Above Ground Diatamatious Earth Filter also comes with their patented Flex Tubes. This is an element that is located inside the filter which reused the D.E through a special mixing chamber. Some of the other features of the EC40 is the Check Valve. This is a built in valve that will automatically stop the back flow of the system if the filter is turned off. You will also find a Combination Pressure Gauge and Threaded Inspection / Service Port. Some other filter gauges are hard to read, making operating impossible, but with the Perflex EC40, these gauges are easy read and easy to operate. The gauges are easily removable when they need to be cleaned.

You can find the Hayward EC40 Perflex Above Ground Diatamatious Earth Filter at your local swimming supply stores or you can shop online for better pricing. If you want a filter that will save you money, save you time on maintaining and a durable filter that will last, then the Hayward EC40 D.E filter is for you.


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